Whether you’re out on a boat daily or on occasion, you’ll want to follow safety precautions to ensure you’re never injured or hurt. The following 5 boat safety tips will help you stay safe on the water this summer. Don’t hesitate to contact our boating service in Lindon, UT for more information at  (801) 785-7878.

Be Cautious of the Weather

Weather conditions are important to your safety. You never want to go out when darkening clouds and rough waters can cause you to be stuck in a life-threatening situation. Even those with years of experience on the water must check their local weather conditions to ensure that they’re never stuck in the middle of the water when a storm rolls through.

Lifejackets Are a Necessity

Everyone knows that a lifejacket can help save lives on the water, but improper usage of a lifejacket is the leading cause of drowning victims on boats. You must fit and assign lifejackets to each member on the boat prior to departure and wear the jacket for added safety.

If a lifejacket is on and someone falls overboard, they’re much more likely to survive.

Captains Don’t Drink

Fun on the open waters starts with the captain of the ship. Boating accidents double when alcohol is involved, so don’t drink if you’re a captain. Captains that want to drink will need to assign a second skipper for added safety.

A second skipper will take over the captain’s duties if he or she is too intoxicated or for some reason unable to command the boat safely.

Take a Boating Course

Just because you have your boating license, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to learn from a boating course. These courses will provide every boater with the basic safety rules and education needed to captain a boat safely.

Many local communities will offer a boating safety course for boat owners to take.

Vessel Checks

Did you know that the United States Coast Guard provides free vessel safety checks for all boats? These examinations verify the condition of the boat so that it meets state and federal regulations.

All safety equipment will also be examined and verified at this time.

Boat Service Lindon UT

Our boating service and specialists will further check your boat and recommend tips and safety recommendations that you should follow. Staying safe on the water starts with education. All boat owners and operators must follow basic safety precautions to keep themselves and all passengers safe. Contact our boat service in Lindon, UT today at (801) 785-7878.