Utah is the second driest state in the nation with vast deserts, but the state also ranked 6th in the nation for boatable water. Diverse, boating allows for variety of experiences from fishing in small lakes to boating trips in high lakes with vast forested mountains in the distance.

There are over 100 lakes that offer boat access in the state. Each lake that offers boating comes with boat ramps and upgraded facilities.

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Some of the best lakes in the state include:

Lake Powell

One of the most popular lakes in the entire state. Lake Powell offers sandy beaches with picturesque views of the canyons. Launch ramps are present, and this reserve is so massive (160,000 surface acres) that it spans all the way into the state of Arizona.

At an elevation of 3,700 ft. the views are spectacular.

Utah Lake

Another massive body of water that spans 96,900 surface acres. Utah Lake is in a metro area, and is perfect for fishing and powerboating. Due to the lake being shallow, powerboating is the only boating recommended in Utah Lake.

Great Salt Lake

The largest surface area of any lake in the state. Great Salt Lake has 960,000 surface acres and is the perfect choice for sail boating. Shallow, the lake can accommodate powerboats, but it’s recommended that all salt water is flushed from the boat’s engine prior to entering the lake.

Strawberry Reservoir

A smaller body of water that is the best destination for fishing. You’ll see beautiful rainbows and mostly fishing boats out on the reservoir. The surface acres are relatively small on Strawberry Reservoir, with just 17,200 surface acres available.

Flaming Gorge

A massive reservoir with surface acres of 42,020. Flaming Gorge offers sandy beaches with areas of forested mountains that allow for the utmost seclusion. Powerboating and world-class fishing make the Flaming Gorge one of the most popular destinations in the state.

There are also Houseboats on the water.

Yuba Lake

Sandy beaches and the perfect condition for water sports. Yuba Lake has 11,000 surface acres and is one of the few destinations in the state offering boat-in camping. Fishing is popular on the lake, with an abundance of pike and trout in the warm waters.

Willard Bay Reservoir

A smaller body of water that is located right on the edge of the Great Salt Lake. The reservoir is a popular choice for powerboating, personal watercraft and fishing. Total surface acres of the lake are 2,870.

Jordanelle Reservoir

Close to the Salt Lake metro area. Jordanelle Reservoir restricts the number of watercraft and boats in the water during the summer to ensure that all visitors have an enjoyable experience on the water.

Total surface acres span 3,300 with an elevation of 6,200 ft.

Bear Lake

A natural lake with beautiful blue water. Bear Lake spans 70,000 surface acres and allows for sailing, fishing, diving and skiing on the lake.

Utah has something for every boater from pristine lakes and reservoirs for water skiing and sports to tranquil, secluded areas perfect for fishing and relaxing.

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